Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Journal 1: Just A Blog

So, I have moved in to Dillard University on Saturday. It was very routine, but I had to do some last minute shopping as usual. I didn't know what to expect in the rooms, besides what I had been somewhat previously told. However, I didn't stay the night over the weekend. I ended up staying with my mother at the Hilton while she has been here for the two days. So on saturday, I just showed her around on Dillard's campus and then we went straight to Canal street to get to the hotel. Afterwards, we went out for dinner and then some shopping, and then she was ready for bed. So I decided to take Crystal Jackson, who I picked up on the way to NO because she is in Baton Rouge, to Bourbon street. There we partied with the people and we had a couple of drinks. I met up with my uncle Victor and my cousin Ty, Victor's son. It was Ty's first time on bourbon street, but after that night, he decided to have his party on bourbon street. It was funny!! Afterwards, we went to the casino because crystal had never been there. SO I met my Uncl Victor and my Aunt Bonnie at the casino. They dropped Ty off at the hotel so he could go to bed. I think he had too much fun. LOL! There we played for a while. Crystal was having beginner's luck, but then she lost it all. So she was done. We then left and went back to the hotel.

The next morning, we met up with Dr. Perkins and then ate at Cafe Du Monde. There we had benyas ( I think that is how you spell it). I had about 5, so my mother and crystal only had one. I love those things because they remind me of funnel cakes I get at fairs. After Cafe Du Monde, we drove to Xavier where I am taking one class through Dillard-Xavier's Consortium Agreement, and then we went to Sophie B Wright where I will be doing my field base teaching 3 times a day for about 5 hours a day. Once we made our rounds, it was time to leave and so my mom, Bonnie, Victor and Ty got in the car and rode off in the sunset back for port arthur. Me and crystal decided to go to her place and hang there until tuesday; since tuesday is my first day of school at Xavier.

What's going through my mind?
I am too excited to be here. I really want to make this program work and get as much of an experience as I can. I will be very much involved in campus life as if I was a regular student. I have decided to put together my objectives for my time here at New Orleans, as well as being at Dillard.
Objective 1: Recruit as many Dillard Students to do the Exchange with Southwestern and Rhodes
Objective 2: Recruit as many Dillard Professors to do the Exchange with Southwestern and Rhodes
Objective 3: Become a life-long learner of the culture of New Orleans and its people
Objective 4: Build a relationship with Dillard, Xavier Students and Professors as well as New Orleans Native and Residents
Objective 5: Finish Research on Capstone Article and Make Head-way with Book
Objective 6: Be an effective Southwestern University Ambassador to Dillard University

Did I forget anything?

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