Thursday, September 3, 2009

Education Journal - Entry #2

1. What was your first impression of the students in your placement?
When I first noticed my students, my first impression was that it was going to be hard. I don’t think that I will be able to make it. I am pretty scared to teach in front of these children because they are aggressive. What is most interesting about my first impression is that most of the classes are one gendered. I am not used to teaching a class of only one gendered classrooms before. I think I will be getting close to some students because I see myself in them and in others I can see that I will be getting close to them because they are different. I like different because different brings uniqueness to the table and opens my eyes to a different world. They share with me things that I can learn about. It will give me a better insight on schools, community, family and friends. I think I will enjoy being in this class because of the challenges. I like a challenge and I like the fact that this experience will not be just a walk in the park.

2. Did you feel as if you fit right in or were you very nervous and apprehensive? Why or Why not?
I believe I fit because of my teacher. We have personalities that match. I think I was put in the right place with my teacher. When I see her teach, I see myself and how I want to teach. I want to be able to connect with my students as well as make sure that they get the information that they need to be critical thinkers. I fit in my class because my teacher and I are very excited to be teachers and excited to be teaching Social Studies. She makes me feel as though I will be able to teach her students even though I am only there three days a week and because she knows that the environment is totally different from my environment in Texas. She constantly encourages me even though I may be sitting at her desk and just observing the class. She also walks me through the lesson plans so that I can consciously think about my lesson plans and how I am teaching her students. I am happy that I have been put with the teacher and the class.

3. Did your demeanor lend itself to a conducive and collaborative beginning for your placement?
I think my demeanor did lend itself to a conducive and collaborative beginning for my placement. This is a question that you would probably have to ask my teacher and my students. I am not conscious enough to know if my demeanor was good or bad. In my mind, I would say yes, but to someone else it may not be as conducive or collaborative. I must answer this question at a different time.

4. Now that you have observed your placement, what 5 activities would you include on a "Things to Do" list? And who will they benefit?
1. My things to do list would be the following:
a. Visual Presentations
b. Direct Instruction
c. Student Expert Lesson
d. Cooperative Learning Groups
e. KWL – Know, Want to Know, Learned
All of these activities will help every student and even the teacher. It helps the students because they are exposed to new ways of learning. I don’t know if they have been exposed to this or not, but if they have then I can also show them the same exact activities, just in more advanced ways. Also, it helps the teacher because she is exposed to new ways of teaching and can use these lessons even when I am gone. I am also thinking about activities that have to do with food, where they will have a cultural day. They will experience different foods and different kinds of cultures. I am also thinking about a field trip to the Louisiana Museum where they are going to have to answer questions and then make a presentation. Currently, my Louisiana state history class is going a scavenger hunt for 10 items out of 18 listed, that represents a Louisianan culture. I will let my readers know how that goes and what project that was when I publish my next blog.

* Be looking out later today for me answering these questions*

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