Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Culiminative Activity - 8th Grade Lousiana State History

My culminating Project was a scavenger hunt I had the students do to understand the concepts of culture in Lousiana.

Instructions: Students will be able to find artifacts that represent a festival in Lousiana culture.

Groups must do the following: 1. Split into groups of four
a. write down each group memebers name
b. assign responsibilities to each person

2. Find ten Artifacts that represent their festival from a list of given to you below
a. each artifact must be labeled
b. a description of why this artifact was chosen

3. Be creative as possible using clear covers, posters, photo albums, or other type of visual presentations

An item representing a Lousiana festival
the words of a song about Lousiana
a picture with an example of Lousiana Architecture
A Louisiana sports team T-shirt
Mardi Gras Beads
An example of technology that influences Louisiana's culture
A picture of a student dressed in a costume for a special event
A brochure from a Louisiana tourist attraction
An item from nature that relates to Louisiana culture
A newspaper article about a Louisiana cultural event
A recipe for a Louisiana food
An ad for a restaurant featuring Louisiana food
A picture of a student with a family member
An item that came from another town in Louisiana
An item from a family reunion
An itemwith the name of a Louisiana college on it
A souvenir with "louisana" written on it
A towy that relates to Louisiana's culture

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